Want to explore the best diving sites around? The Maltese Islands are considered one of the best diving sites in the world with the famous wrecks, natural caves and sea life. The clear, warm waters offer a truly unique opportunity for top quality Mediterranean diving available for beginners to the more experienced.
Fishing Trip with the Big Boys? Take advantage of the great fishing destination of the Maltese Islands which is now considered to be a popular to sport fishing anglers. Fishing from a boat increases your chances of catching fish...and the fish that you'll catch here would be between 5kg up to 80kg.
Relaxed cruise in the Mediterranean Sea? Go on a family trip to a destination island in the Mediterranean such as Sicily or Cyprus and depart from the beautiful islands of Malta . Aim to relax and spend time with the family or close friends. Take 3 days to a week cruising.
Planning a trip with friends or couples? Grab the opportunity to couple up or gather a group of friends who are planning to do something new and adventurous that will remembered and talked about for life. Day cruises around the beautiful bays and creeks of Malta are also available.