Chartering FAQs

How to go about booking your charter?

Firstly you need to see what you have in mind for charting a boat, meaning if it’s for a party, for relaxing with a group of friends, for a weekend break, for an exciting adventure, etc…

The number of people is important to know beforehand so that you could plan the size of the boat and organise the route of where you all desire to visit.

Check around for various boats and their year of manufacturer so that you try and opt for the newest and acceptable prices with the competitive market.

Get to know the dates of your holiday, weekend or simply day charter, so that you may book in advance. Remember peak season would be from July to September, which is also the busiest for the popular sites and beaches.

Make it clear with the agency or broker, that if your down payment is refundable weather permitting. Read the terms and conditions well before going ahead with your booking and know what is included in the price and what isn’t.

Make sure that the chartering agency or broker is fully certified and insured commercial skippers and fleet. A fiscal receipt should be presented upon payment from the agency or broker.


What qualifies to charter a bareboat sailing/motor yacht?

Many agencies and brokers would require licenses or a certificate of competence which would be issued by recognised Maritime Authorities. It would be advisable to send the skippers resume so that their relevant experience would be checked that all safety rules and regulations are respected. Most agencies and brokers will offer a professional and experienced skipper that would also suggest the best routes and best sites to visit.


What are the comparisons between chartering a Sailing Yacht and a Cabin Cruiser?
It would mostly be about taste and choice in what one has in mind for their adventure, by means of finances, luxury and thrill.

A Sailing Yacht is more for people who like to relax and sail away with the natural wind. This type of charter would normally be cheaper and more economical than a motor yacht for the simple reason that the inboard engine is smaller and slower. If you are just a couple and would like to keep it simple but at the same time enjoying the beauty of the sea, then a Sailing Yacht would be your best choice.

A Cabin Cruiser would be more for the people who like to spend more, cruise in style and have a thrill for speed. These boats would have more space and comfort comparing to a Sailing Yacht. Remember that fuel is not included in the price to charter and could be costly, so plan out your trip well and ask for an estimate before booking.


What is best to take on your adventure?

Since the climate would be hot and the scorching sun and heat will always be a factor, then it is highly advisable to keep hydrated and take clothing protection and sun creams. In the Mediterranean, jellyfish are becoming more popular throughout the summer season, so be sure to take some medication and preventive care with you. Many owners of these yachts are particular with the type of shoes to be worn and so pack your flat shoes that are soft-soiled, flip flops and sandals. Try and avoid taking electrical devices and choose battery powered alternatives.