Cabin Cruisers

Cabin Cruisers

cabin cruiser is for the power and speed enthusiastic, which is a motor vessel that could accommodate for it’s crew and passengers with the luxury of Cabins, inside the craft.

The available cabin cruisers on the Maltese Islands usually ranges in sizes from 30 to 65 feet (approx. 9m to 20m) in length. These crafts are generally equipped with lavatory & kitchen facilities, dining area, sunbathing platform and shady areas. Some cabin cruisers are equipped with heating, air conditioning, and power generators. Most also have water heaters and shore power electric systems.

The cabin cruiser provides many of the amenities of larger yachts, while costing much less and normally being fully operable by the owner, whereas larger yachts often require a professional crew. The comparison in price with a Sailing Yacht would be much higher due to the fuel expenses.

The newer cabin cruisers are faster than older models because of improved aerodynamic and hydrodynamic designs. Cabin cruisers are generally able to handle the water well because of their size and give a stable ride. They are generally spacious in the cockpit (open seating area towards at aft or centre).

Scroll through some of the most popular fleet of Cabin Cruisers available in Malta for charter:

Atlantis 39″

Azimut 42″

Fairline 50″

Sunseeker Manhattan 52″

Sunseeker Manhattan 56″

Sunseeker Manhattan 66″