Top Chartering Tips

Whether you’re chartering a boat by hiring a qualified skipper or by bare boat, you would always need to keep these following tips in mind:


  • Licensing & Insurance: Make sure that the boat that you are going to charter is commercially insured and licensed (registered with the Maltese Shipping Registry) for boat chartering. This would mean that there are various Commercial Vessel Regulations that the law enforces on operators of boat charters:
    • In terms of the Commercial Vessels Regulations no person may use a vessel for hire or reward unless he is in possession of a Commercial Vessel Operator Licence.
    • The vessel must be certified in terms of the Regulations and the Code of Practice for the Safety of Commercial Vessels.
    • The crew to man such vessels will also have to be certified in terms of the Regulations and the Code.


  • Leadership: The group usually has a leader, who communicates with the captain for the route preferences, and for any other general requests. This way, the captain receives the right messages from your party and there is no confusion or misunderstandings. Every day the captain reports to you possible weather condition changes and confirms next point of calls for the day (usually the itinerary    is already discussed with the yacht broker and communicated to the boat). Always keep in mind that the weather factor will always be the judge of the final route. If the weather conditions permit, you will follow your planned route exactly. If the weather does not permit you and your guests, have to be “open” to the captain’s alternative route suggestions. Your safety and the boat’s safety are always the first priorities for the captain!


  • Dressing code: Preferably, when you pack your suitcases, chose a soft sided luggage or a duffel bag.
    • Try and travel light and do not pack many suitcases. This involves a large weight on the boat, and lots of storage space. Keep in mind that as this type of holiday is spent on the sea, and most of the time is spent in a swimsuit. We suggest a casual dressing code for chartering.
    • For one week charter, please consider 1-2 pairs of jeans, 3-4 pairs of shorts, a nice outfit for dining out or for formal dining on board. A sweater, a hat, sunglasses, windbreaker, sneakers, flats for the beach or sandals for the deck.


  •  Medication & Protection: It is important to take your medication with you. Cautiously pack the right quantity and more, to be at the safe side. Sun protection is necessary, so please bring along. Do not forget your passport if travelling abroad and make sure you have visas for all the countries you may visit with the yacht.


  • Parties or celebrations onboard: Advise your charter broker in advance in case you wish to celebrate an event on board. This involves perhaps special requests, such flowers or special wines or special cakes etc. It is preferable to plan ahead of time and let your leader and broker know about it. If any changes on the day of celebration, please advise your crew members in due course.


  • Meals: Your skipper or chef will be advised before the trip about your food and drink preferences. The skipper/chef will make all provisions based on the complete list of preferences passed on beforehand. It is very important to let the broker and leader know about any allergies that you have, or about any restricted diets you follow. Your skipper/chef will be very willing to help you with that. If you plan to skip a meal on board, please let your chef know much in advance.